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About Thin Line Fest 

Thin Line Fest is a five-day multi-format art festival held April 24-28, 2024 in Denton, Texas. There are three primary festivals: Film, Music, and Photography. All selected artists are treated as VIPs at the festival and are therefore highly encouraged to attend. While the Photography Festival is competitive, this is unlike most contests you have entered. The 'festival' aspect is very important to us. Meaning the contest is rolled up into a physical event, where selected photographs are professionally printed and exhibited at one of our festival galleries. All selected artists are provided a VIP pass to the festival which offers special access to all programming and also access to the Green Room, a festival venue that serves up local cuisine and adult beverages throughout the festival. There are also many educational and networking opportunities. In this way, we are more than a contest, we are an experience; and we hope you will join us.


Macro / Micro
In a photo or series of photos, bring the smallest parts of our world closer. Transform miniature into massive to offer new perspectives that alter perceptions through size and scale.

Site / Unseen
In a photo or series of photos, reveal the commonly overlooked subjects and spaces that surround us. Expose secluded locations, small moments, secret stories, and hidden details.

Time / Space
In a photo or series of photos, showcase interactions between time and space with compositions capturing motion or the lack thereof. Bursts of energy. Steady momentum. Brief pauses that change everything in an instant.

Audio / Visual
In a photo or series of photos, prove how our senses intertwine with imagery that evokes an undeniable auditory sensation. Visualize the rhythms and sounds of everyday life to stir emotions, memories, and imaginations.

Still / Life
In a photo or series of photos, use traditional still-life techniques to create staged scenes depicting the energy and motion of real life. Compose and capture tableaus that serve as artistic representations of reality.

Deep / Fake
Use AI technology to create an image or series of images that fits into one of the other five categories. Submissions must be 100% AI generated. Submissions will be labeled with the submitter’s name and displayed alongside non-AI submissions. During the run of Thin Line Fest, attendees will attempt to identify the AI-created images. (Please indicate the intended category for each Deep / Fake submission.)


A "Best of Category" photograph will be selected in each of the first five categories above. Winners will receive a $500 check. First runners-up will receive free submissions to the 2025 festival. Photographs submitted in the Deep Fake category will get judged within one of the other five categories.

NOTE: You will select a category for each photograph during submission. Thin Line Fest reserves the right to exhibit your work in any category.